Tired All The Time? It Could Be Your Jaw: TMJ Treatment

Tired All The Time? It Could Be Your Jaw: TMJ Treatment

Are you constantly tired and waking up with an aching jaw? Has it begun to affect your daily life and happiness? This could be a sign of a TMJ disorder, also known as your temporomandibular joint. Dr. Amy’s Dental Clinic provides TMJ treatment for patients who are suffering from chronic pain and tiredness. We encourage you to continue reading on to learn how these treatments can benefit you.

The first step is figuring out TMJ disorders. This is a problem that relates to the joint that attaches your upper and lower jaw. We use this joint frequently, and it is what allows us to talk, chew, and even yawn. This joint deals with a lot of strain on a daily basis and further strain can be caused by being tense from stress, clenching teeth together, or by grinding your teeth during the night when you sleep. This can lead to severe pain, popping in your jaw, a locked jaw, and can also affect your quality of sleep.

How TMJ Can Affect Your Sleep

TMJ disorders cause the misalignment of your jaw. This can cause your jaw muscles to block your airway and therefore contributes to snoring or even sleep apnea. Symptoms like these cause difficulty getting a good night’s rest for individuals. It can lead to fatigue throughout the day. Speak to your dentist about getting TMJ treatment as your sleep solution.

If you have difficulty sleeping and wake up with jaw pain, then you may be in need of a TMJ treatment. For more information regarding treatment options contact your Dr. Amy’s dentist right away. Call our clinic today to set up your next appointment with one of our dentists to help your smile.

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