Interested in teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, CA? The easiest way to improve the appearance of your smile is by whitening them! At Dr. Amy’s Dental we offer zoom teeth whitening for our Thousand Oaks patients. There are many ways that your pearly whites can become discolored, including:

  • The food we eat
  • The beverages we drink
  • Aging
  • Smoking cigarettes and cigars
  • Genetics
  • Certain medications can discolor the enamel

Regardless of the reason, teeth get discolored. At-home whitening systems are often complicated, inconsistent and can irritate the gums. The smartest way to whiten your teeth is through a professional teeth whitening appointment. Ready to start your professional teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, CA? Contact Dr. Amy today!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Amy takes advantage of the incredible Zoom! Teeth Whitening system. This advanced technology can get teeth up to 8 shades whiter in under an hour! Want to start your Thousand Oaks teeth whitening treatment? Get in touch!

For this professional teeth whitening treatment, the patient sits back and relaxes in the dentist chair. We will determine the current hue of the teeth so we can compare later and start the treatment. An advanced whitening gel is professionally applied to the teeth, and a WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp is used to speed up the process. The lamp’s variable settings let us easily adjust the level as needed to ensure that every patient gets a comfortable experience.

This process of applying whitening gel and using the LED lamp to speed up the whitening process is repeated three times, and the shade chart is consulted to ensure enough whitening has occurred. A post-treatment gel is applied to the teeth to protect the enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity.

A 1-hour in-office whitening is so simple and so effective! Each teeth whitening patient walks out of our office with a beautiful and dazzlingly white smile. Got a big party or wedding to attend? Zoom! is the perfect accessory for any occasion!

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