Need an emergency tooth extraction in Thousand Oaks, CA? Sometimes, despite our best efforts or an accident we can’t foresee, a tooth needs to be removed. Our dental office in Thousand Oaks is set up and prepared for all types of extractions, from emergency extractions to planned wisdom teeth removal. Tooth extraction has become a common treatment and is done with the comfort of the patient in mind. Ready for your Thousand Oaks tooth extraction? Contact Dr. Amy!

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Thousand Oaks, CA

Looking for a dentist for wisdom tooth removal near you? The most often performed type of tooth removal is for wisdom teeth. These teeth are actually left over from a point in time when our ancient ancestors needed the extra molar to assist in grinding the fibrous diet they consumed. As we have evolved, our jaws have gotten smaller, and the need for these extra molars has lessened. They can often become impacted and stuck in the jaw and can cause many other teeth to move if they are not successfully dealt with. Our Thousand Oaks wisdom teeth surgery has become very commonplace; so common that it’s now a frequent excuse among patients to eat ice cream afterward!

Thousand Oaks Tooth Extraction After-Care

After getting a dental extraction, it is important to follow the aftercare recommended by your tooth extraction dentist. The most important immediate care will be taking care of the post-tooth extraction bleeding around the extraction site, which is a part of the tooth extraction healing process. You will be asked to bite down on gauze for a while after the extraction. This helps the clot to form and halt the bleeding. It is important to not create suction in the mouth during this period since it can pull the clot out. Avoid drinking through a straw and cigarette smoking.

Think you may need a root extraction near you? Please give our Thousand Oaks, CA office a call if you have any further questions about our Thousand Oaks tooth extraction.

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