Searching for tooth colored fillings in Thousand Oaks, CA? For many years, silver metal alloys were the common material used for filling cavities in teeth. It was abundant, affordable, and seemed to do a good job. As the dental field advanced forward, however, it was agreed upon that these metal fillings are actually not ideal. Interested in tooth colored fillings? Contact Dr. Amy for a dental filling near you!

Cons of Metal Tooth Fillings

Because they are metal, traditional dental fillings can expand and contract with hot and cold, which can separate and break the filling. It actually leads to a weaker tooth structure, and the edges can wear down or break. This can lead to having small traces of mercury in the system, which is never a good thing. Also, from a more aesthetic point of view, the metal dental filings are also not the nicest and can mar a smile.

Thousand Oaks Composite Tooth Fillings

Luckily, we now have amazing tooth colored fillings! These composite fillings are designed to match the color and subtle hues of the teeth, so they blend beautifully. This new material is also much stronger, so it actually adds strength to the tooth in hopes of preventing any future damage or issues. Because of this strength factor, the resin can be used to help teeth whose structure has been lost. Fluoride is also used in the composite resin, so it works to prevent future decay from occurring.

While future composite tooth fillings will look amazing using tooth-colored fillings, we can also take a look at old fillings to determine which can be swapped out for new tooth-colored fillings. The majority of fillings will be able to be updated, but some particularly large fillings could pose a risk of further weakening the tooth; in these cases, we may recommend an inlay or onlay placement. Ready for your Thousand Oaks tooth filling? Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Amy!

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