In need of TMJ treatment in Thousand Oaks, CA? TMJ disorder (TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder) is a disorder that mainly affects the jaw. When the jaw is not working properly, it can cause extreme discomfort. Some of the symptoms that occur as a result include jaw pain, locking or clicking of the jaw, and difficulty chewing. Need a Thousand Oaks TMJ specialist? Contact Dr. Amy today!

Thousand Oaks TMJ Treatment

It can be hard to cure TMJ on your own, and many will go to a TMJ specialist for TMJ relief. There are many options available for TMJ pain relief, the most popular of which is a TMJ mouth guard. This is to prevent bruxism, a term for excessive grinding of the teeth, which usually occurs at night while sleeping. The mouth guard offers a cushion that prevents straining of jaw muscles, stops teeth from chipping or cracking, and helps the wearer get a better night’s sleep. Ready to start your Thousand Oaks TMJ treatment? Contact Dr. Amy’s Dental!

Thousand Oaks Botulinum Treatment for TMJ

Another TMJ treatment that is becoming popular is the usage of the botulinum toxin. It may sound a little scary, but the toxin is in a purified form and contains no live bacteria. It is injected into the muscles on the face that are sore and relieves the jaw tension and TMJ for many patients. It has also eliminated the headaches associated with teeth grinding for many patients. Many ask, “Is the toxin safe for TMJ?” and early evidence shows indications of extreme effectiveness for TMJ treatment. Contact a TMJ specialist near you today to start treatment.

Other Treatments for TMJ

In addition to these methods performed by your TMJ dentist in Thousand Oaks, it may be advisable to investigate ways to relieve stress since this can have a huge impact on the stress a person puts on their jaw. For some patients, relaxation exercises like meditation or yoga are extremely helpful. Got additional questions about TMJ disorder or treatment? Contact our Thousand Oaks TMJ specialist.

If you are suffering from jaw pain because of bruxism or TMJ, give Dr. Amy and the team in Thousand Oaks, CA a call so we can set up a consultation!

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