Searching for laser gum treatment in Thousand Oaks, CA? The treatment of gum related issues has luckily advanced steadily through the past few decades by taking advantage of state of the art laser technology. Our Thousand Oaks laser gum treatment allows Dr. Amy to treat issues like gum disease in a less painful and more efficient manner. Ready to start your laser gum treatment near you? Get in touch with Dr. Amy today!

Gum disease treatment and gum reshaping was previously a painful surgical treatment. Laser gum surgery is relatively pain-free, and the high intensity of the lasers allows blood clots to form quickly, which means there is no bleeding from the gums after the treatment. Laser treatment for periodontal disease has revolutionized the way that dentists can help their patients.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment in Thousand Oaks

In addition to gum disease, laser dental surgery can be used for cosmetic reasons such as gum reshaping. This is necessary when the gums are too big and can make the teeth look smaller. In some instances, a crown that has to be placed too close to the gum line can cause the gum to start growing over the crown. Laser dentistry can take care of gum reshaping in Thousand Oaks quickly and easily. Got more questions regarding our Thousand Oaks laser gum surgery? Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Amy’s Dental!

With the advancements made in laser dentistry, a variety of treatments that were once painful and difficult are now easy and pain-free. If you have gum issues such as excessive gum tissue or you are concerned that you may have gum disease, set up a consultation with Dr. Amy so we can discuss all of our Thousand Oaks laser gum treatment options available to you.

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