Searching for implant dentures in Thousand Oaks, CA? When a tooth or teeth fall out or have to be removed, it is important to replace them. Otherwise, it can throw the balance of your oral health off kilter. For many people that use dentures, there are certain tasks that are trickier than others, such as eating. In addition, the fit of dentures can change as the gums shift, making them sometimes painful. Our Thousand Oaks implant dentures aim to take care of these issues.

Thousand Oaks Implant Dentures

Looking for dentures near you? Instead of just being held on to the gums, denture implants are secured into the jawbone beneath the surface of the gums in order to give the dentures something permanent to attach to. Implant supported dentures hold the denture in place much more securely. This makes tasks like eating much easier, and because the dentures are not pressing against the gums as much, there is less chance of irritation and gum repositioning.

All-On-4 Fixed Dentures in Thousand Oaks

The most popular form of implant supported dentures is All-On-4 Fixed Dentures. All-On-4 dentures use 4 surgically implanted titanium posts to hold the dentures in place securely. Implants work via a titanium post that is fused to the bone. Because titanium is biocompatible, the body does not fight the metal and instead fuses with it, giving necessary support and permanence to the implants. Depending on the number of implants used, a bar attachment or ball attachment system is used to keep the all on 4 dentures effectively in place.

In addition to providing a more stable denture, it helps to prevent future bone loss. This, in turn, helps keep a more youthful facial structure and better oral health. In addition, All-On-4 Dentures work to help our patients leave with a new smile in one visit! For most patients, we can attach the dentures to the implants while under sedation. This means our patients can leave our office that day with a brand new, natural-looking set of teeth!

Depending on the number of implants used, a bar attachment or ball attachment system is used to keep the dentures effectively in place. Even dentures with dental implants can be removed, which makes for easier cleaning of the denture. Those with flexible partial dentures or removable bridges can also benefit from implant dentures. The implant offers confidence in knowing that the false teeth are not going to fall out at an embarrassing moment and make eating much easier. Looking for denture implants near you? Get in touch with Dr. Amy’s Dental today!

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