Dental crowns and bridges are both restorative dental treatments but serve slightly different purposes:

Thousand Oaks Dental Crowns

Looking for dental crowns in Thousand Oaks, CA? Dental crowns are used as a tooth cap or cover on a tooth. Crowns can serve many purposes such as:

  • Cover a dental implant.
  • Cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth.
  • Support and strengthen a tooth when there is not enough tooth remaining.
  • Restore the fractured area of a tooth.
  • There are many uses, but the main factor is that they protect and cover a tooth. Porcelain crowns are also an easy cosmetic procedure to fix an unsightly tooth.

Thousand Oaks Dental Bridges

Interested in dental bridges in Thousand Oaks, CA? Dental Bridges are used to restore artificial teeth in place of a missing tooth or teeth. Instead of being affixed to a dental implant itself, a bridge holds the substitute teeth in place by attaching to crowns installed on the teeth neighboring the open space.

When teeth are missing, it can cause stress and other issues on the teeth surrounding the area. Teeth can spread without the support of their neighbor, teeth can crack and chip with the additional chewing they have to do, and the bone under the open space can start to deteriorate. To prevent these things from happening, a dental bridge works quite well. It halts the spreading process and aids greatly in chewing by spreading out the force required to chew food.

Receiving Your Permanent Crown or Bridge Restoration

Both our Thousand Oaks bridges and crowns need to be fabricated, so temporary crowns and bridges are used until the permanent ones are ready. Once they are prepared, the temporary ones will be removed in the following appointment and swapped out for the permanent crown or bridge. Think you may benefit from our Thousand Oaks, CA dental crowns or dental bridges? Contact Dr. Amy’s Dental in Thousand Oaks today!

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