Common Dental Veneer Misconceptions

Common Dental Veneer Misconceptions

Do you have damaged, discolored or misshapen teeth? Wish you could have a more attractive smile? Dental veneers are a wonderful cosmetic dentistry option, however they have a lot of misconceptions. Today, Dr. Amy would like to discuss dental veneers, lumineers and the common misconceptions associated with them.

About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers and lumineers are both extremely thin shells (typically made from porcelain) which are designed to look just like a natural tooth. The thin shell is bonded directly to the front of teeth, completely concealing their natural appearance.

Getting dental veneers is painful.

Just like with most any dental procedure these days, local anesthetic is used prior to your treatment in order to eliminate any discomfort or pain. At the practice of Dr. Amy, your comfort is a top priority.

Dental veneers are only used for the front teeth.

Although we frequently recommend veneers and lumineers for the front six teeth, they can also be used on the lower teeth and even premolars to conceal any imperfections and give your smile a better appearance.

Dental veneers require your teeth be filed down before being placed.

Although some reshaping is required to successfully place veneers and lumineers, with advancements in dentistry the amount modified is minimal, typically less than 1 millimeter. We make sure to preserve as much tooth as possible during any procedure.

Dental veneers look unnatural.

In the past, dental veneers and lumineers had a tendency to look quite fake, however with the use of porcelain to fabricate lumineers and veneers, they have never looked more natural! We can even match your veneers to blend with your natural smile.

Dental veneers are easily damaged and stained.

With advancements in dentistry, dental veneers and lumineers are now stronger and more durable than ever! Due to being made from porcelain, they are also stain resistant, leaving you with a bright smile for years to come.

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